Just Three is a concept for a digital experience to accompany The New Yorker magazine. Based on the idea that only superheros can actually keep up with the magazine’s amazing long-form content (arriving in the mailbox at a relentless weekly pace),  Just Three would learn reader’s preferences and suggest three articles from every issue, making it easier to keep up and enjoy the magazine they love, minus the guilt.



learning reader’s preferences

Readers could jumpstart the app’s learning process by choosing articles that interest them from a selection of most popular or National Magazine Award winners.


The new yorker is social

Because talking about The New Yorker is one of the best things about reading The New Yorker, we created the Department of Friends. Readers can see what their friends and those they follow are loving, creating another great way to get into the content. The Archive lets them save their favorites so they’re ready for easy sharing when the topic comes up in conversation later on.



print and digital working together

The app supports those who love the print magazine as well. The camera feature would allow readers to easily access all of the same sharing and saving features for articles they’ve read on paper.